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Interactive NAT Grade 10 Reviewer (Science) Part 2

1➤ What type of electromagnetic waves is used in radar?

2➤ Which electromagnetic wave carries more energy than the others?

3➤ A type of EM wave that is for medical use, to help doctors look inside the body to diagnose bone fractures and tumors.

4➤ This EM wave are very strong that can kill living cells, and are used to treat cancer through the process called radiotherapy.

5➤ What type of EM wave is used in remote control of TV, video, cassette recorders, and other electronic appliances?

6➤ Electromagnetic waves are produced by __________

7➤ Which of the following forms of electromagnetic waves is used mostly in communication?

8➤ In the electromagnetic wave, the direction of the propagation of the wave is __________.

9➤ Which of the following forms of electromagnetic waves has the widest frequency range?

10➤ What happens to the frequency of the electromagnetic wave if its wavelength increases?

11➤ What EM wave makes cellular telephones transmit and receive signals?

12➤ All of the following are uses of visible light. Which one is not?

13➤ Which kind of wave is used in night vision goggles?

14➤ Which of the following EM wave makes use of artificial lighting?

15➤ Which of the following is a use of ultraviolet radiation?

16➤ Which type of X-ray can penetrate even through metals?

17➤ What imaging technique uses powerful magnets, a computer, and radio waves to make detailed pictures inside your body?

18➤ In an infrared camera, what color indicates warmer temperature?

19➤ Which of the EM waves below are emitted by stars and some radioactive substances?

20➤ Which kind of wave causes the fluorescent chemicals to glow in sunlight?

21➤ Convex mirrors produce _______________ images.

22➤ In ray diagramming, an incident ray that is parallel to the principal axis _____________.

23➤ If the angle of incidence is 10 degrees from the normal line, what is the angle of reflection and the total angle between the incident and reflected ray?

24➤ A ray that shows the direction that light travels after it has crossed over the boundary.

25➤ The bending of light as it passes from one transparent substance into another

26➤ The geometric center of the lens

27➤ What happens to the light rays that pass through a convex lens?

28➤ Describe the image that is produced by a concave lens.

29➤ A concave lens reflects light rays

30➤ A concave lens reflects light rays

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