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MEMORANDUM 12 January 2023








Undersecretary for Administration



The Department of Education (DepEd) provides tools and services for its employees, teachers and students that promote a culture of collaboration and communication and improve performance of tasks. The DepEd obtained these tools and services in the interest of education and public service. To further maximize these productivity tools, we would like to reiterate that all DepEd employees are provided with Microsoft 365 accounts such as:

a. Microsoft Outlook: An email and calendar application.

b. Word: A word processing tool that allows user to create, edit and format text documents.

c. Excel: A spreadsheet tool for organizing and analyzing data.

d. PowerPoint: A tool for producing and editing slides and presentations.

e. OneNote: A digital notebook for taking notes, organizing information, and collaborating with others.

f. Teams: A communication and collaboration platform for chat, video conferencing, and file sharing OneDrive: A cloud storage service for storing and sharing files.

h. SharePoint: A web-based collaboration and document management platform.

i. Microsoft Forms: A tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls.

j. Microsoft Planner. A tank and project management tool.

As to other DepEd personnel without Microsoft accounts, they will receive their Microsoft username and temporary password in their respective DepEd Gmail accounts on or before 27 January 2023.

All users shall sign-in to their Microsoft 365 account at Users who are signing in for the first time shall type in their new password for Microsoft 365 and setup their respective self-service password reset by providing their mobile number, alternate personal email address and/or answers to security questions. The new password used for signing-in should be always kept safe. Should a user forget the password for Microsoft 365, they may request for a new password thru

Further, please be informed that starting 1 February 2023, all DepEd personnel will be able to receive and send emails through their respective Microsoft Outlook ( accounts using the same email address.

In this regard, all DepEd personnel and officials are reminded that the use of these accounts shall be for educational purposes and/or the performance of official duties and responsibilities. The Department shall exercise dominion over all DepEd accounts and over all data, material, and information received, transmitted, stored, or otherwise processed through the service.

Moreover, all personnel are also reminded that disciplinary actions such as account suspension and other legal remedies may be initiated against anyone found responsible for violating the acceptable use of the DepEd accounts.

The Central Office, all Regional Offices (ROs), and all Schools Division Offices (SDOS) shall establish their respective helpdesk mechanisms to support their personnel.

For further queries or clarifications, all concerned DepEd personnel from various governance level may raise their issues and concerns to the following:

Governance Level - Office/Unit in Charge

Central Office - ICTS-User Support Division cts


Regional Office - Information and Communications Technology Unit

Schools Division Office and school personnel - Division Information Technology Officer and the helpdesk mechanism established at the SDO

A schedule of webinars regarding trainings to be conducted and support materials will also be provided by the ICTS User Support Division to be available at

 Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance to this memorandum is directed.

Thank you.

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