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E-Class Record Templates (DepEd ECR for SY 2022-2023) FREE DOWNLOAD

The Department of Education (DepEd) has announced through DO 34, S. 2022 that the use of Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) will still continue. However, the classroom assessment should follow DO 8, S. 2015. This means that the old Modified ECR Template is no longer valid because it doesn’t have input fields for quarterly assessment. We have to use the old and original Automated DepEd E-Class Record Templates for this school year.

E-Class Record Templates (DepEd ECR for SY 2022-2023)  FREE DOWNLOAD

DepEd E-Class Record Templates as per DO 8. S. 2011

In line with the implementation of DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2015 entitled Policy Guidelines on Classroom Assessment for the K to 12 Basic Education Program, the Department of Education (DepEd) provides Electronic Class Record Templates. These E-Class Record Templates (ECR), developed by teachers and other personnel who volunteered their time and talent, allow for the computation of grades consistent with the abovementioned DepEd Order. Read more about the provision of the ECR templates on DepEd Memorandum No. 60, s. 2015.

E-Class Record Templates (DepEd ECR for SY 2022-2023)

Download the Automated E-Class Record Templates for Elementary (Grades 1-6), Junior High (Grades 7-10), and Senior High (Grades 11-12) from the links below:

Grade 1 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 2 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 3 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 4 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 5 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 6 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 7 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 8 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 9 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 10 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 11 ECR TemplatesDownload
Grade 12 ECR TemplatesDownload

These Electronic Class Record (ECR) Templates can help us, teachers, to save more time for the computation of the grades of our students. Let’s give our thanks and appreciation to the Department of Education (DepEd), especially those teachers and other personnel who developed these tools.

How to DOWNLOAD Instructions:

For Phone Users: After clicking on the link then you are redirected to another app or window, Just tap back or tap Overview button[the opposite side of the back button] select the past window. [we recommend using the laptop or pc when downloading]

For Laptop/PC Users: After clicking the download links a single pop up will show it is an Advertisement just close it, and you will be redirected to SAFELINK, wait for a second and it will generate download link then proceed to downloading the files. NOTE: The pop up will show again after a minute or more just simply close it.

DISCLAIMER: This website does not own any of the FILE/S. Since unauthorized uploading of digital files of the modules is strictly prohibited and shall be grounds for imposition of administrative and other sanctions we can ONLY share with you the SOURCE LINK of the file.

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