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Grade 7 Periodical Tests Quarter 2 with TOS and Answer Key SY 2023-2024, Free Download

Grade 7  Periodical Tests Quarter 2 with TOS and Answer Key  SY 2023-2024, Free Download
Grade 7  Periodical Tests Quarter 2 with TOS and Answer Key  SY 2023-2024, Free Download

Assessments in the classroom and student evaluations

Decision-makers in the teaching field collect, analyze, and make sense of data about teaching and learning in order to improve student progress and the success of educational programs. In teaching, this is called evaluation.

The process of evaluating is made up of five main parts:

  • figuring out what the goals of education are;
  • finding and collecting important information;
  • Students should learn things that can help them in their personal and professional lives;
  • analyzing and interpreting the data for the students;


IMPORTANT: You can download the file individually by clicking the document title you want to be downloaded, wait for link to be generated, go to link, then download it as MS Word.

DepEd Club provides you with DepEd resources including 1st Periodical Test with TOS for all subjects. Our compiled lists of Periodical Test for SY 2023-2024 were organized per quarter and is being updated from time to time. Each quarter has its dedicated page and inside you will find your updated Periodical Test  1st to 4th Quarter sy 2023-2024.

Assessments in the classroom have two main goals: one is to see how well students have learned, and the other is to make it clear what the teachers expect from the students.

Assessment plays many roles in a student's life, some of which they may be more aware of than others. Evaluation has a direct effect on how students learn, how much attention they pay in class, and how well they manage their time. Assessment helps students focus their attention and really drives their learning. It does more for them than just give them a grade or degree classification.

Assessment in the classroom serves six main purposes:

  • getting the students' attention and time;
  • making a good learning activity for the students;
  • giving students comments that are on time and get their attention;
  • helping students understand the rules and egalitarian ideas of the subject;
  • making marks or grades that let you tell if a student passed or failed or that help you tell them apart;

The MELC-BASED Periodical Test  is to give students a chance to show what they have learned, not to catch them off guard or show what they haven't learned. -Dr. King

Evaluation and assessment can, of course, focus on different parts of teaching and learning, such as textbooks and other teaching materials, student performance, and the whole curriculum. It needs to be clear what the difference is between assessment and evaluation. Even though these two phrases are similar and are often used interchangeably, they are not the same in a technical sense. Assessing each student's growth or accomplishments is a very important part of evaluating because it requires collecting and analyzing data on each student's educational progress.

Table of Specification

The table of specifications (TOS) is a tool used to ensure that a test or assessment measures the content and thinking skills that the test intends to measure. Thus, when used appropriately, it can provide response content and construct (i.e., response process) validity evidence.

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