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Delays in PBB FY 2021 Release for 15 Regions: Addressing Duplicate Entries and Personnel Issues

 The Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for the fiscal year 2021 has brought anticipation and excitement among educators across the nation. However, while the National Capital Region (NCR) has already received their payouts, 15 other regions are facing delays in the release of their PBB. These delays have been attributed to the discovery of duplicate entries and personnel issues, prompting necessary actions from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Department of Education (DepEd).

Duplicate Entries and Personnel Issues

In the examination conducted by the DBM, it was discovered that various regions, including Regions I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, CARAGA, and CAR, had encountered problems with the submitted PBB 2021 Form 1.0. Duplicate names and personnel not included in the Personal Services Itemization and Plantilla of Personnel (PSIPOP) were among the issues identified. These discrepancies raised concerns about the accuracy and fairness of the PBB distribution.

Revalidation and Revision Process

To rectify the issues found in the submitted forms, the DBM made the decision to return the PBB 2021 Form 1.0 to the Personnel Division of the Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development (BHROD) for revalidation and revision. The BHROD is conducting a meticulous process to address the discrepancies by removing duplicate entries and ensuring that all deserving personnel are accounted for in the PSIPOP. This revalidation process demonstrates the DepEd's commitment to accuracy and fairness in the distribution of the PBB.

Awaiting Revised Forms and Swift Release

As of now, the DBM Central Office is still awaiting the revised Form 1.0 for the 15 affected regions. Once the revised forms are submitted, the DBM will release the funds for the PBB to the deserving school-based personnel in those regions. The DBM has expressed its solidarity with teachers and educators, acknowledging their valuable contributions to the nation. The agency has assured the public that it will work closely with the DepEd to address the matter promptly and ensure the swift release of the PBBs once all the necessary requirements are provided.

Importance of the PBB and Program Integrity

The PBB is an essential incentive program that recognizes the efforts and performance of qualified public school teachers and personnel. It serves as a significant motivation for educators to continuously strive for excellence in their work. The delay in the distribution of the PBB to the 15 regions highlights the need for accurate and meticulous processing to maintain the integrity of the program. By addressing the issues of duplicate entries and personnel discrepancies, the DepEd and the DBM are demonstrating their commitment to upholding the fairness and credibility of the PBB.


The delay in the release of the PBB for the fiscal year 2021 in 15 regions due to duplicate entries and personnel issues emphasizes the importance of accuracy and fairness in the program. The revalidation and revision process undertaken by the DepEd aims to rectify these issues and ensure that deserving school-based personnel receive their rightful incentives. The DBM's commitment to working closely with the DepEd reflects their shared determination to address the matter promptly and ensure the swift release of the PBBs. Ultimately, the PBB program plays a vital role in recognizing and appreciating the contributions of educators nationwide.

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