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Lowering the Retirement Age of Government Employees

 HB 206 or the Lowering the Optional Retirement Age of Government Workers from Sixty (60) to Fifty-six (56) years is passed on 2nd reading!

Lowering the Retirement Age of Government Employees

House Bill 206, An Act Lowering The Optional Retirement Age Of Government Workers From Sixty (60) Years To Fifty-Six (56) Years, Amending For The Purpose Section 13-A Of Republic Act No. 8291, Otherwise Known As 'The Government Service Insurance System Act Of 1997' was passed on third and final reading last December 2019.

This bill was first filed in the 16th Congress by ACT Teachers former Representative Antonio Tinio. The bill was again filed in the 17th Congress by Reps. Tinio and Castro and again in the 18th Congress by Rep. Castro where it was also passed on 3rd reading in both Congresses.

Source: Qcpsta Teachers FB page

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